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Posted by Michael Kossowsky on November 02, 1998 at 12:06:45:

In Reply to: Reviews posted by Geoff Hulten on October 29, 1998 at 14:52:53:


Ok, here are some of my thoughts.
As a caveat, I haven't finished yet, but seem to be about 95% of the way thru.

Also, I am a crpg fanatic, been at it since Wizardry 1 and Akallabeth on my old apple II.

With that said...

First of all, without a doubt, the best rpg for the palm pilot around. And even pretty good as compared to other more complex CRPGs

Good basic plot. Moved at a your own pace, and allowed you to explore and build up your character to your heart's content. I like that!

Good character development, and combat system. Altho it was amazinh how many times I would hit for 0 damage a bunch of times an then hit for 10-20 points or so a few times... the random rolls needs some adjusting, I think.

Magic system was good, but too many spells wheer too similiar or just minor upgrades of other spells.

I would have liked to have seen more diversity in the guilds. Basically, the only differences were the spells, and how high you could train stats. There was also a magic shop in the wizards guild, but still...

The random encounters sometimes got a bit overwhelming... it happened a few times that I ran into something every other step for a while.

User interface needs a bit of a tweak - you should be able to move with the stylus...also, since I joined every guild, my spell list got out of hand, especially with spells being ordered by acquisition, as opposed to level/power or even guild...

The hunger/rest thing sometimes got to be a big pain, until I got Restore... escpecially with the long training times.

Would liked the game to have more side plots/easter eggs... heh...

NPC interaction is at the same level as Ultima 1, but that is always a difficult thing to work on. But what was nice is that it wasn't all "go to person X and get thing Y to deliver to person Z"... I hate that

I am sure I had more things to say, but they slip at the moment....

Anyway, as I said, I really enjoyed the game, it really kept me busy for a while....


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