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Posted by Brian Wolf on October 30, 1998 at 16:08:42:

Great game, I think it kicks ass!

I did have a few questions, maybe someone can help:

1) in the shadow guild, there's a single block of wall in the upper lh corner, by the northmost spell trainer, that you can walk into. Can't go anywhere from there, so maybe it's a bug?

2) I can't seem to get into the black market (lower lh corner of shadow guild). It's locked, so I assume I need a key. I have no idea where to find it though, or if there's a spell I can learn.

3) There's a secret door in the dungeon behind the library, but I can't get in there either. Again, a key that I will eventually get?

4) As far as the story/quest/plot line goes, I am stuck at the mad wizard in the cemetary. The doors are locked, and I can't find the key once again. I've tried to pull the lever in the southmost barrow, which results in a click, but I'm not sure what that click does.

As I see it, solving #4 may lead to solutions to #2 & #3. However, I think #1 is just a little bug, but who knows, I may be wrong.

I did run across one other bug a short while ago. While I was demoing the game, I happened across a glitch. I was in the Beastiary, trying to rack up experience and gold, and something (maybe outside of the program itself) caused my battle command to default to always being on "GO". The interesting thing was that, as soon as I entered battle, I began fighting. What was REALLY intersting was that it continued for a while, enabling me to beat the 7th master of the pits by using lightning blast over and over and over again, even whenI did not have the spell points to cast it!! I imagine if I kept going with it, I could have really racked up, but I turned off the game, and when I came back the next day, everything was normal.

Anyone have any suggestions on the above, and has anyone seen the "go" bug?

Brian Wolf

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