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Welcome to our reviewer's corner. We've been lucky enough to receive a positive response from the PalmOS community since our first RPG release in 1998. The following are some of the awards and reviews we've seen posted around the web and on our own site. Please feel free to post your own reviews on any of the sites listed here or on one of our forum pages, or to contact us with any comments or suggestions you may have. Thank you for your continued support!

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Dark Haven: The Arena
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"Ackeron by Gasgorf is simply a fantastic game! Not only is it a lot of fun, it has such variable gameplay that you really can play it again and again! Be warned though, this game is not easy, and you will go through batteries as well as lives."



"The most fun I've had with a Palm or PC game in a long time. I purchased and played Ackeron first and picked up Dark Haven when I finished Ackeron. Dark Haven is very addictive, and, if possible, even more enjoyable and playable than Ackeron. The game balance is great. I'd rate it 6 stars."

(10-Dec-99 by Stephen Smith,


"Fantastic. If you enjoy RPG games such as "Kyles Quest", etc. this is the best of the lot. Hours and hours of gaming, forget boring meetings, I even play this game at home! Get it."

(05-Nov-99 by Daniel van Enckevort,


"wow! Ive never seen a palm game like this... i love it. (soon i will have my freedom!)"

(26-Aug-99 by R Jimenez,


"Very addictive! The game world is surprisingly large with a number of distinct adventures. The style of combat is innovative and realistic (with factors such as fatigue, sleepiness, and hunger). Looking forward to the next Dark Haven release."

(13-Jul-99 by Ed Park,


"This is by far the best RPG for the Palm Pilot. Enjoy!!!!!"

(27-Mar-99 by S. A.,


"Excellent... lots of depth and gratification - real development of your character - very detailed new way of experience usage, and pretty difficult so when you do win a fight and get rewarded, it's well worth it. Who needs flash graphics ? Not me anyway."

(Nick Payne,,


"This is an intriguing game.It took me quite a while to complete the game and will surely be worth every cent of your money!It took me quite a while to complete the game but it is entertaining and quite good for all those long boring meetings,rides or even flights(provided your batteries dont run out:) So go ahead and get one of the greatest role-playing games for the 3com PalmPilot.A must for every avid rpg game fan!"

(18-Mar-99 by Kevin Mohinani at



Ackeron: Dark Sun
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"Ackeron by Gasgorf is simply a fantastic game! Not only is it a lot of fun, it has such variable gameplay that you really can play it again and again! Be warned though, this game is not easy, and you will go through batteries as well as lives."



"Excellent RPG, bar none I played the demo, which allows you to explore about a sixth of the game, and by the time I was done with it, I couldn't register fast enough - I wanted to keep playing! The auto-combat is by far the best I've ever seen, it lets you put combat on auto pilot if you don't want to have to bother with a battle. Psionics (magic), you get experience for trading commodities, intriguing plot, excellent character development, lots of items, I'm thoroughly impressed. Based on the quality of this game, I'm going to try out gasgorf's other title."

( from Atlanta, Georgia, December 15, 1999,


Totally Amazing! Dark Haven is one of my all time favourite ever games of any platform, and I've just begun playing this new one from Gasgorf and it looks set to be a nother amazing one. Keep up the good work people!

( from London, UK, December 1, 1999,


"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING GAME! Great Graphics! Compelling storyline! Addictive gameplay! You'll be up till 3am with this one folks. Totally worth the download. Couldn't put down the demo, gonna have to call in sick for the full version."

(03-Jan-00 by Arash Shokouhbakhsh,


"Best RPG for the Palm OS yet. Buy this game! Excellent gameplay, storyline, etc. But be'll burn thru lots of batteries and spend lots of late nights with this one. As close to Fallout as you're gonna get on a Palm...I can hardly wait for what these developers come up with next!"

(15-Dec-99 by Randy Mita,


"Best game for a palm pilot. Reminds me a lot of games like the Ultima series on PCs. Amazingly extensive maps and game play."

(01-Dec-99 by Andrew Jackson,


"Two words... "new batteries!" You'll need them if you download this game. And be prepared for the ensuing addiction that will follow your purchase (not to mention sleepless nights of gameplay). I was just on a flight the other day and passed the time playing Ackeron. Should have seen the smile on my face as the people sitting next to me watched with amazement. Excellent game play. Excellent design. Excellent implementation. A definite buy!!"

(01-Dec-99 by Pretlow L. Stevenson III,


"Great game! Very addictive! I can't wait to see the next game these folks produce. I found myself trying to play this game whenever I had a free moment. You will not be disappointed!!"

(23-Nov-99 by Fred Wildauer,


"I should sue, my productivity has gone down so much as this game is so "moreish" . Along the lines of the PC Game Fallout. Brilliant!!!!"

(15-Nov-99 by Richard Mulholland,


"This game is simply stunning. The engine makes excellent use of the Palm's two-bit greyscale, presenting a very nice looking world. The interface is nicely done, with most commands available from both the harsware buttons and tapping the screen. (I can easily play one-handed, using only the hardware buttons.) The game itself is very well designed, too. The world is quite large, with towns that can be visited, people to talk to, intermediate quests to do while working on your ultimate goal, different guilds (leading to, effectively, character classes), cash to be gained, experience to be earned, equipment to be bought, monsters to be killed, and two planets to save. It's certainly well-worth the price. Just be certain to stock up on extra batteries for your Palm--it's going to be on for a while."

(12-Nov-99 by Phil Gregory,



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Dark Haven: The Arena

"...Yeeha! If there are any more game slike this coming from Gasgorf, I'm getting it! I haven't had this much funs since Ultima 4..."

(K.Wong January 12, 2000)


"It was a real great game, I enjoyed every minute!"

(Wolfgang on January 03, 2000)


"Great game, I'm going to try it again using the Smugglers Guild."

(Julie on January 03, 2000)


"This has been by far my most enjoyable game I've played in some time. Can't wait to start over and try a different Guild."

(Tony Badger on January 02, 2000)


"Mission accomplished!!! Very fun and addictive game."

(Ron .F on December 31, 1999)


"Superb game Gasgorf!!"

(Matt Leonard on November 16, 1999)



Ackeron: Dark Sun

"Thank you Gasgorf for the game. I am glad I paid for it and was able to hepl support your company. Keep it up!"

(Brandon on December 12, 1999)


"I beat the game in 203 days with a score of 500 something. This was definentally a great game! The best part was this message board though! If I ever had questions, I could come here and get a little bit of help. I trained in every guild and maxed out all my stats including my spells. This was great!!! Next..on to the other Gasgorf game. Acker, something. :)"

(CrashNut on December 07, 1999)


"Great game! Looking forward to whatever else you got to destroy my productivity!"

(Jim Wang on July 15, 1999)


"Hello, I loved the game and played it nonstop until it was done. Being a perfectionist I visited ALL Guild, MAXed all my skills, learned ALL the Spells and did EVERYTHING."

(Nori Etiryp on May 26, 1999)


"I am just ranked enough to leave the arena area and I love this game! It is the best game for the Pilot ever and, even with no great graphics and sound, is more fun than most of the PC games out there today! Wonderful job!"

(Cherie McKone on November 03, 1998)


"Great game. I loved it. Better combat & magic system than anything else I've seen. Great balance. Great story line."

(Don Erway on October 30, 1998)



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